Sunday, September 06, 2009

Out the Other Side

It's all good. We'll go back to our regular time shifted blog now. I am borrowing a TelCel connection at the moment so I can't post up a lot of articles. If you don't see anything here for about a week, my apologies. We're doing fine, but I'm having trouble with our SSB and can't use the Internet for posting my usual blog stream.

I encourage you to browse Maitiroa's pictures at: I declined to take many pics myself so some of those will reappear in this blog in the future as I write about our experiences. Alex took pictures before, during and after.

We're putting ourselves and our boat back together. Most of the work is actually recovering from being gone for over a month. As soon as we get all the pieces back aboard in a form where they won't simply rattle apart, we'll head north. You can follow our SPOT track (link on the upper right of this page) as we motor (flee?) north. We have a solid weather window for at least a week, so I'm MOVING. Our buddy kid boats waited the hurricane out in Willard's Bay and barely saw any overcast. -THAT- is where I plan to put us for the next hurricane.

Thank you again for all the comments, emails, Facewall posts, prayers, and support. It means a great deal to us.


Diane, Evan, Maia and Charlie the cat said...

Stay safe! We sat out one hurricane in Puerto Don Juan - while friends got pummelled in Escondido - north is definitely the place to go.
Glad you came through it so well. The pictures sure make it real.

Precious Metal said...

Holy Jimena!! No doubt you've all had to dig very deep. You've earned full points for bravery - an experience that will likely live with you all forever...
Glad you're safe and best wishes heading north.
S/V Precious Metal