Monday, September 21, 2009

Intermission -- Almost Done With Hurricane Thoughts

Okay, folks. I think there are only two more of these flashback posts, a couple of "what I learned during the hurricane" musings, and we're done with this. I just want to reassure readers that after motoring up to Bahia de Los Angeles, dropping the hook, and vegetating for two weeks, the girls and I have largely recovered mentally and physically. We've been watching the weather, but so far so good. Nothing else swirling up to hit us on the back of the head.

In other words, the family isn't dwelling... just my blogger queue. Since I still receive quite a bit of email each time one is published regarding ideas and thoughts from other people who have been through similar circumstances, I'll just let the content continue to stream out for the next week or so.

It's hot up here, but today a nice breeze has set up so I think I'll make Aeron pineapple upside down cake for her birthday. Mmm... pineapple upside down cake.

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