Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Interview: Jaime At One Year

Pass the Gorgeous Lady
Pass the Gorgeous Lady
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Roughly a year ago, Keet asked me to interview the girls about their experience as boating kids and their thoughts on the future. The time has come to update and ask a few new questions.

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Q: What do you think about our plans for the coming year?
I don't know. Okay. They're fine.

Q: What was your favorite place to go or thing to do during our first year?
My favorite place to go was La Paz, but my favorite thing to do was go surfing with Stevo (Endless Summer) and Jimmy (Sea Level).

Q: What was your worst time during the first year?
I guess when we went to Zihautanejo and there were no kids, no one my own age, just lots of old people.

Q: What is your favorite thing to do as a boat kid?
Get together with lots of other boat kids and have bonfires and hang out on each other's boats.

Q: What is the thing you hate most as a boat kid?
The boredom. Other kids my age are only few and far between. So I get bored a lot. I listen to music when I get bored, or I watch movies. When I'm REALLY bored I do my school work... when I'm absolutely, petrifyingly bored.

Q: Are there any places you want to go or see during the coming year? Where would you insist that we go again?
I want to go back to La Paz, Zihautanejo, Tenacita, Mantenchen Bay, and Barra de Navidad. And La Cruz.

Q: Can you tell us one thing that makes boating families special?
We're not idiots? We don't live in a house. We get better experiences. We tend to be smarter. Better looking.

Q: Would you like to shout out to any boat buddies or boat kids who might be following this blog?
I don't know of anybody who follows our blog. Hello, people of the world. This is Jaime. Life is good. Yeah, that's all I got to say.

Q: Anything else you'd like to add?
My Young Lady
My Young Lady
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Seven C's said...

But of course Jaime - we follow your blog and always look forward to the next one.
Seven C's

Anonymous said...

We follow you guys Jaime, but you are right, most of us are older. You will appreciate us more later.