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Interview: Aeron at One Year

New Teeth
New Teeth
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Roughly a year ago, Keet asked me to interview the girls about their experience as boating kids and their thoughts on the future. The time has come to update their answers and ask a few new questions.

* * *

Q: What do you think about our plans for the coming year?
I don't really know all of them, but they sound exciting. New.

Q: What was your favorite place to go or thing to do during our first year?
Is this just in Vancouver? No. Okay. I like hiking and going to all the different places and seeing all the new different things. And I'm getting a laugh at all these light houses. We only had about one that I saw up in Vancouver. There are a lot more down here.

Q: What was your worst time during the first year?
Well, I have two things. When the heater broke, that SUCKED. And I didn't like getting stung in Cabo by a jelly fish that was huge.

Q: What is your favorite thing to do as a boat kid?
Play. Swing. Make friends. Can you tell us about the swinging? The swinging? Spinnaker halyard. You grab on to a line that pulls the spinnaker, and then you can swing around the mast. I like swimming too. Yep.

Q: What is the thing you hate most as a boat kid?
Well, I don't like it when Mera and Jaime and you (Mom) are all seasick and then Mera comes in and she's really mad at me when I'm sitting at the table with my video game. She's angry and that makes me angry but I'm not seasick. I hardly ever get seasick. And another thing I don't like is jelly fish and sting rays.

Q: Are there any places you want to go or see during the coming year? Where would you insist that we go again?
Yes. Zihuatanejo. And the Navaho National Monument. Huh? Where did you hear about that? My social studies book. It's about the American Indians. It was one of the places that they lived. And they carved houses into the walls, so they could live there. It's really cool. I want to go there.

Q: Can you tell us one thing that makes boating families special?
Attitude. *laughs* Okay... can you tell us more?I've got one, I've got one!!! Snorkeling. We don't have to pay to snorkel or hookah dive. Or diving period.

Q: Would you like to shout out to any boat buddies or boat kids who might be following this blog?
Yes!!! Totem and Windfall. Sirius Star, Bay Wolf, Third Day, Sunbreak, Kamaya, Abby, Polly, Noey, Superbunny, Max and Kat, Glenn, Daniel, Nirvana, Victory Cat, Jammin', Gosling. Profligate!!! I like Richard and Donya. EA and RD in Emeryville. And Endless Slumber, Sea Level.

If folks wanted to send a care package, what would want in it?
That's a good question. Books. Tiny tiny tiny amount of money. Cards... I like getting mail. Mail, not playing cards. I like getting mail, it makes me feel special if you know what I mean. Flowy clothing. Oh yeah, and BANDAIDS. Lots and lots of bandaids.

Q: Anything else you'd like to add?
Kid boats... Get up here, please! Por favor. We need more kid boats. It isn't that the adults aren't nice, but it's kind of nice having someone your own age to play with. See you this summer!

Solar Wind
Solar Wind
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Singing Land Cruiser said...

Thats nice. Still don't know where to send a care pak??? "O" BTW, Today we move in to our Bus and hit the road. My dear Toast, 6 mos to the day I found your Blog and read every twist and turn. It put the spark of change in me and now it is done. We have a year of shows lined up all over the great USA. Christi and I hope to meet you and yours along the way. We feel like we owe you. All the Best and be safe, M&C