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Cooking Tip: Limonado

More Teeth Please
More Teeth Please
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This isn't really cooking; It's adaptation. It turns out that in Mexico, water is frequently more expensive than beer. Go figure. Limonado is definitely more expensive than beer. The girls, however, are addicted to limonado. In fact, it is oddly satisfying to watch the girls order a “jarro de limonado sien azucar” at every bar, cafe, and palapa from Zihuatanejo to La Paz. Basically, they are ordering lime water. Their dedication to their favorite beverage is such that I had to add a lime juicer to the boat. We purchase mini-Mexican limes by multiple kilo bags, and I try to keep us stocked in agua minerale. Otherwise, the entire cruising kitty would evaporate in a lime induced coma.

For those in the States pining for a taste of real Mexico, I recommend the following beverage:

1 tumbler full of water, mineral water, or ginger ale
3 fresh limon (mini limes) or 1 large regular sized lime
sugar (optional)

That's it. Put it together. Drink it. No tricks.

Now for the cooking tip. I found this idea in Kay's cruising cookbook, and I endorse it highly. When you are either land bound and find cheap limes or provisioning for a long stretch, you can make limonada concentrate. Kay's recommended ratios are:

2 cups fresh squeeze lime juice
2 cups sugar
1 cups water

The Limonado Gang
The Limonado Gang
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Stow in a sealable jar such as a large mayonnaise jar. To serve, add mineral water, water, ginger ale, or tequilla to taste and serve over ice. My girls prefer less sugar, but remember that the sugar is partially serving as a preservative here so you can't eliminate it entirely. We've never been able to make this last in our refrigerator for more than four days so I can't vouch personally for durability. Kay says several weeks, and I believe her as her other long range provisioning tips are excellent.

Next time we make it, I'm going to toss it into the bottom of the freezer and not pull it out until the girls and DrC have blown through all the fresh food on the boat. That'll show em.

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