Friday, June 13, 2008

Cooking Idea - Melted S'Mores

Melted S'Mores
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Cooking is not my thing. I’m not as well trained as my mother or as highly competent as my mother in law. And god knows I do not want to try to enter the highly competitive market of Galley Chef authors. However, I do reasonably well at Improv Cooking which actually proves rather useful to cruisers. When something works on Don Quixote, I’ll share it.

So in this case, I have a firepit tip which originated with Dr C -- a man I am convinced was an engineer in a former life.

According to my husband, the problem with s’mores is that the chocolate is solid and cold. The contrast to the hot, fluffy marshmallow isn’t right. Therefore, Dr C used a combination of unburnt wood and flat stones to create a platform practically in the fire on which we could melt the chocolate. A secondary benefit is that the position also smokes the graham cracker, if you can believe it. Takes s'mores to a completely new level.


Behan said...

awesome. I *love* it, and need to come have smores with you and Dr Smore Engineer Conger, while offering my sincere thanks!

Vicki said...

What a great idea! Thanks Dr.C!