Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Subscribe to THIS - The Daily Giz Wiz

Granted, the Daily Giz Wiz is not a web site. Nevertheless, I strongly recommend that if you subscribe to no other podcasts, sign up at least for Leo Laporte and Dick D. Bartola's irreverent and enjoyable daily show. Dick is known as “Mad's Maddest Writer” and has been doing the gadget gig circuit on T.V. and radio for years. Leo is basically the patriarch of the Web 2.0 crowd... it seems like nearly everyone one of this whipper snapper entrepreneurs worked for Leo at one time or another.

Each show they pick a gadget and, theoretically, discuss it. They spend considerably more time listening to jingles, poking fun at one another, and generally diving down rat holes. The energy is contagious, and occasionally – believe it or not – they introduce a gadget that I in turn recommend to my readers as a tech tip. Example? Wallies Peel and Stick Chalkboards.

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