Sunday, November 04, 2007

Redux - (Wo)man Overboard

Toast Note: During NaNoWriMo, I'm posting introductions to some of my favorite cruising and cool stuff web sites as well as backlinks to my personal favorites from the Toast Floats archive. See you in December!

The one article I keep trying to get published in a magazine somewhere is (Wo)man Overboard. I don't know why this one appeals to me so much. It's the least fictional and probably the most functionally useful piece for a sailing magazine that I've written to date. On the other hand, who really wants to hear about an idiot tyro slipping on her ass and getting rescued by her kids?

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Greylopht said...

I do, because as I work at getting off shore as fast as I can. I find it something I can point those I want to be with me on such adventures to because... YOU SHOULD DO THAT! And it is really hilarious in a dark way. Not to mention in my youth, when my father had a 30 foot sloop.. more than once I stepped off the boat for the dock.. and. Well lets just say I missed. It happens to the best of us. Trust me, that post -has- been passed on. :) Yes I am catching up on your blog, I have had a great time reading it. And have lots of miles and smiles.