Monday, November 12, 2007

Just When NaNoWriMo is Getting Me Down

This morning we are trapped on the boat. The winds are howling at 40 knots, gusting to 60, and it is just frankly plain safer to stay indoors till the front passes in a few hours than try to move my offspring off boat, down the dock, and into warmer pastures. I thought I would use this time to craft prose and catch up on my lagging NaNoWriMo count.

But alas, it was not to be. First, I alphabetized my homeschool supplies. Then I registered domains under my children's names. Somehow in the process I started searching for all things Conger Clan related on Google to see where we are popping up.

And I stumbled on this: Toast Floats. It is a piece of fan fiction... someone writing most eloquently about a Toast I barely recognize. But Kei reminded me of two important points.

First, not only can I write, but there are people who enjoy reading it that do not consist of my family and best friends. Second, you never know when something you say or do will touch someone's life. I barely remember the conversation to which he alludes, and while it sounds very much like what I would say, I am certain that at the time I never expected it to be memorialized many years later.

Be careful how you to treat people. That's the message. Your strength is preserved, your kindness reciprocated, and your hate multiplied in all the worst ways. So thanks to Mr. Gowda, I am now off to actually get more work done with renewed energy and frozen feet. Thank you, Kei.

However, if DrC doesn't fix the heater soon, I will memorialize his ass on the bottom of my foot.

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