Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Take Time to Express Yourself

You get the government you work for. Congress is starting to listen on the issue of SOPA and PIPA. If you have not yet taken time to educate yourself, there is still a chance to make your voice heard, your concerns understood. Today, this blog is brought to you because there is no government who can tell me not to publish and no efficient technical mechanism to prevent its distribution. If SOPA and PIPA passes, that might not always be the case. Freedom, like happiness, requires maintenance.

Learn more: Stop American Censorship and let President Obama know your sentiments as well: Petition the President

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kelley said...

My name is Kelley Pitcher, and though I have never commented before, I frequently read your blog. I'm writing in reference to the "School just isn't" blog. My son is only two, but my intent has always been to home school. I've given up on numbering the flaws in the public school systems. I have checked out many different types of programs from Canada, France, and the U.S., but am still not sure if a structured curriculum is the route I want to take. Again, after reading the blog you wrote it seemed clear that you have obviously stumbled apon a method that has worked. I was hoping you might be willing to share with me what program you used, if any, or any other tips you have that could point me in the right direction. I would be thankful for any information, or insight you could provide.
Kelley Pitcher