Saturday, January 14, 2012

Opportunity Costs

I am sitting in the orthodontist's office as the kind, competent staff install hardware in my eldest daughter's mouth which will cost us roughly the same as a new main sail. We do not sail the high seas any longer. In fact, it may be six months before we even consider taking the boat out for a harbor cruise. Nevertheless, I would really prefer a new main sail.

I suspect Jaime would also prefer a new main sail. Idly I ask, "Jaime. If you had $7,000 to spend on the boat, what would you buy?"

"A car."

I blink. Even the dentist blinks. He looks at me, so I say it again, "On the boat?"

"Oh. Ahh boh…" There are now hands in her mouth. She thinks for awhile. "Uh caw."

Okay, still the car. "The Boat."

Fine. Jaime grimaces. It could be something the dentist did. Alternatively, it could be my persistence. The hands leave her mouth long enough for her to blurt out, "New galley. Top to bottom."

She has a bit of a lisp at the moment, but I can understand. Yes, if I had a lot of money, the galley would probably come before the sail. It would definitely come before a car. An oven that works without using elastic and a knife to jam the solenoid would be lovely. A stove that actually browns meat would be even better. I nod in agreement, "Good thinking, Jaime."

"Whai?" The mouth is wide open, ablaze with light, and looking rather sparkly with the new bits getting glued to the upper jaw.

"That's how much this is costing us."

We both sit grimly, silently, as the dentist installs our new countertop and sink. As he finishes, we both sigh at the lost opportunity. I try to look on the bright side, "With those blue elastic bands, you match the boat."

Her tongue probes the edges of her new mouth, "Huh." She doesn't sound mollified. "It hurts."

Thinking of the coming winter sans galley upgrade, new sails, or a functioning heater since we now can't afford to replace that either, I hug her quietly. "Priorities, my love. Priorities. We can do this." Her unexpected return squeeze and quiet, "You'll be okay, Mom," cements the deal.


Carol Morrison said...

Those are the moments that keep them living the rest of the time. Hope her mouth gets used to the braces quickly. I can remember that it took me awhile to find my teeth....

Anonymous said...

Don't guilt trip your kid over money, they won't forget it.

Anonymous said...

You'll have insurance what are you bleating about!

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Caroline said...

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