Monday, June 13, 2011

The Captain is Bored

Last night over chocolate cake and the last of the red wine from Mexico, we and Loose Pointer agreed that while the weather permitted a departure in the morning, we would stay another, relaxing day in the flat comfortable Ahe village anchorage. However, as if this conversation had never taken place, this morning my husband wakes up with a gleam in his eye and starts to lay out some complicated plan to move the boat to the pass and go drift snorkeling. His plan involves motoring, anchoring, riding pass rapids -- several times, and shifting the boat to a place considerably less calm and protected. My lack of enthusiasm is met with a dignified pout.

An hour later and over coffee, the good doctor brightens, "Let's make water. Want to make water?"

"No Dean. I do not want to make water. I want to drink my coffee, eat my breakfast biscotti, type a few messages to family and friends, and then perhaps we can do some school with the girls."

"Oh. Okay. Maybe later."

Barely 15 minutes pass and then, "Let's do the laundry. We can get the laundry done. Want to do the laundry?"

It's like living with a Labrador puppy.

It is the special burden of our boat. DrC can't sit in one location for more than three days without starting to make work. Out of thin air, the man invents things to do. He is finding the atolls particularly challenging as the very geography eliminates his favorite make-work way to pass time, impossibly challenging cross country hikes on goat trails. I knew there would be a problem when we managed to explore every square inch of the village in less than an hour. Unless I could divert him into some other activity, we were going to have to move in 72 hours even if a weather window didn't open.

Yesterday, the family was able to distract him with fish. Fish in general and coral fish in particular make a fine DrC-distractor. He can stare at them for hours. If he weren't so skinny right now, he'd float around in the reefs of the lagoon all day. Unfortunately, the water is cool, the wind is still pretty strong, and DrC is as thin as a rail. He can't hold body heat for very long. We only bought ourselves about 2 hours of distraction.

But things are looking up. Loose Pointer reports problems with their water pump. It's sucking air. Thank you all that's sacred to boats in the middle of nowhere. The captain is now determinedly rummaging in his tools looking utterly content with the world. We may be able to avoid pulling the hook after all.

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inklenaomi said...

You make me laugh, so hard that milk would squirt out of my nose if I was drinking milk.
I have that husband, who can only sometimes be distracted by sports, home improvements, and various activities. He will break anything for a chance to fix it.
I have wondered if travel would distract him from this 'hobby'. you have saved me the expense of buying a boat to find out that, yes, he would drive me just as crazy on a boat.