Thursday, June 23, 2011

All is Well

Folks have been asking why the deep dark silence on the blog. I'm a bit embarrassed to admit that the cause is simple. Snorkeling. The best snorkeling in the world. I simply haven't written anything. I've spent all my time reading, relaxing, and snorkeling. And eating baguettes. However, now that we've finally pulled the hook out of Rangiroa, perhaps I can get reinvigorated.

So nothing bad. We're all good. Boat is good. Cat is still annoying. Children are still hairy. Or something like that.

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Pat said...

You got Dr. C to sit still that long? The fish must have been something!

Beach Access said...

Great I can go back from concerned to insanely jealous.

Cindy said...

Then you guys must be really enjoying the best snorkeling in the world, have fun=) Got to envy that though, I hope me and my can family can try some snorkeling soon, my hubby have always insisted it would be fun especially for the kids, must be a great adventure.

Terra Verde Resort orlando said...

You must have enjoyed it a lot. Spending time with your family is great. Thanks for posting anyway. Have a great day! May you have more snorkeling activities to come. ^_^

roof repairs melbourne said...

It's okay! I'm sure you have enjoyed your time with your family.