Monday, October 12, 2009

Summer Summers

Families That Hike Together
Families That Hike Together
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Finally. We're all done with the hurricane drama. Since I wrote the last piece, we've been relaxing up in Bahia de Los Angeles, nearly 130 miles north of Santa Rosalia. The girls and I have been able to return to the rhythm of boat life, albeit a stunted version without DrC. While a few storms have been worth monitoring closely and we've had a few exciting moments of high wind, the weather has largely been mild and the conditions perfect for cruising.

In a matter of days, we'll return to Santa Rosalia to pick up DrC. Our friends on s/v Ocean Blue tell us the city is recovering rapidly. However, there are still many people in Baja and mainland Mexico who lost everything – including their homes – to Hurricane Jimena. If you are interested in supporting these people, I encourage you to contribute to the recovery effort through the Red Cross. You can also join the Victims of Jimena.

So now we'll shift the articles back to those I wrote during the month post hurricane as well as those I wrote up in the United States during our summer road trip.

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