Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ah-mare-eh-can Food!!

I Like M&Ms
I Like M&Ms
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A quick list of the foods we eat in the United States... Just because we can.

sour dough bread
flavored humus
cheddar, brie, blue, and jack cheese
grapes, peaches, cherries, blueberries, and strawberries
cheese flavored chips – which are heinously nasty in Mexico
micro brewed beer
more salad
box red wine
high pulp orange juice
massive quantities of peanut butter – preferably on more sour dough bread
juicy red t-bone steaks dripping in corn fed fatty badness
yet more salad, none of it iceberg
white marshmallows – none of that weird Mexican pink crap
Svenson's breakfast danishes and cinnamon rolls
real maple syrup
Italian hot sausage and raviolis
Taco Bell

Take note people. These are the foods you want to fill the lockers with when you head south from San Diego this fall.


Behan said...

Ouch, this almost hurts to read! We just sent friends coming down the coast a list of stuff to make sure they bought before crossing the border... this looks pretty familiar.

But then I look at the awesome, fresh sierra ceviche we have marinating in the gally... and I feel pretty good.

If only it could have a side of a nice shropshire blue and grainy crackers. :->

Unknown said...

Seeing your love of brie (as it made your list) time try won't be disappointed!

You bake it at 375 until hot and slightly melted…don’t micro it….may turn to rubber.

I get the bigger brie round from Costco. Or where ever but if it is smaller you may want to cut back on the topping mixture.

About a ¼ cup, maybe a bit more of brown sugar and about a tablespoon of Dijon mixed together.

Cut the cheese into 2 circles…..smear ½ of the sugar/dijon mix onto one half (raw side of the cheese is up) and then top with sliced almonds…..then put the other circle on it (raw side up) and then top with the rest of the sugar mixture and another layer of almonds!