Saturday, June 20, 2009

Summer Schedule -- Kinda Sorta

Hiker Shrine on Coyote
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A quick note to bring everyone up to speed on the Where and the When for the crew of s/v Don Quixote.

June 15 - We pulled into Santa Rosalia and put the boat on the dock. This was hard. This requires an entire post to discuss complete with angst-filled and poignant pictures. I haven't the pictures yet, but I'm sure the emotive climate will appear any moment now. The boat is now in Santa Rosalia until mid-October. All adventures between now and then are going to be non-boat-based.

June 23 - July 4 - Except this one. DrC and Jaime left yesterday for La Paz. DrC will bring our new old van (old new van?) to Santa Rosalia on Monday. He's leaving Jaime down in La Paz on s/v Beach Access. Our buddy boat and Captain Uncle Glenn are bashing north over the subsequent two weeks with Jaime as a hand before the mast. Everyone please send good weather karma vibes to them. I'll try to keep a relay going on their status and location via my Twitter feed.

June 29 - DrC flies up to Seattle to work.

July 22 - Mera, Aeron and I climb in the van and start driving.

August 2 - Family all comes together in a pile to attend a wedding in New Mexico.

August and September - My mother will join s and then the crew of Don Quixote plans to road trip in the United States. I'll post -that- itinerary when we get closer to figuring out what we're doing. It's a little fuzzy at the moment. We want to see the Grand Canyon (Jaime), the Navajo National Monument (Aeron), Chico State University (Dean), the Seattle Public Library (Mera), and Merlino's Orange Freeze (Toast). That's all we know.

~October 1 - Jaime, Mera, Aeron and I are back on the boat in Santa Rosalia.

October 9 - DrC joins us in Santa Rosalia.

Mid-October -- Go to Guaymas, haul the boat, get pretty, and then start being cruisers again.

We had a Moment -- an epiphany if you will -- on a beam reach in 15 knots of stunningly beautiful weather between Isla Lorenzo and Playa Santa Teresa the gist of which was:

We're not done yet.


Stephen Spencer said...

Please make plans for supper at Chez Spencer if you do end up in Seattle; it's been too long!


Seven C's said...

If you drive from Chico State up to Seattle on I-5, you will drive right past our house. Literally!
You could almost throw a rock at it :)

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

So that is how you got "rid" of Jaime! Tell "Beach Access" we followed the suggestions in The Baja Bash Book for rounding Cabo Falso - all went well. He can check my blog for details of our trip so far. Good on Jaime to tackle this - we are half way home and in looking back, the anticipation is by far the worst part!

Larry Smith said...

I'm not sure Merlino's still exists. The local Merlino's was bought out by the Hagen family in Carmichael, CA a few years back. I'm unsure if they bought the whole business or just the local site, but they are serving an orange freeze identical to Merlino's. Anyhow, you should still be able to get your orange freeze and more if you choose to come through Carmichael (east Sacramento County) en route to Chico. Please let us know so we can convene your local fan club.

Fair winds,
Larry Smith
lhsmith on yahoo Lagoon group
svpleamar at gmail