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Interview: Mera at One Year

Title: Interview: Mera At the End of the First Year
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Sunset with Mera
Sunset with Mera
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Roughly a year ago, Keet asked me to interview the girls about their experience as boating kids and their thoughts on the future. The time has come to update their answers and ask a few new questions.

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Q: What do you think about our plans for the coming year?
Very hazy. I don't really know the big idea of what we are going to do. I probably didn't know what we were going to do last year either. I'm sure whatever it is will be fun because it always seems fun.

Q: What was your favorite place to go or thing to do during our first year?
Can I have more than one? Yes.Mostly the outdoor sports. The place I liked to go best was probably Fake Mexico after a long trip by ourselves, 'cause Fake Mexico has pools, it has people, it has escape from the solitary life and it is fake so you can laugh about that. My favorite thing to do is always read.

Q: What was your worst time during the first year?
Moving into Jaime's room. Jaime's reaction and she wouldn't talk to me for a week after that... maybe even more than a week. Daddy: Was that a good thing or a bad thing? Daaaadd... *snort*

Q: What is your favorite thing to do as a boat kid?
Play with my spy kit and swing around on the mast. You definitely can't do that because you don't have a mast on shore. My favorite thing to do is watch the cat, she's an endless source of fascination, particularly since she decided to climb the mast is her goal. One day, I swear that cat is going to run off the end of the boat.

Q: What is the thing you hate most as a boat kid?
I hate jellyfish. I had a very scary incident with a jellyfish. I hate seasickness. I've been on this boat for a long time and I still can't stop from getting queasy when we go on a long passage. It's even harder when Aeron starts reading in the cabin in the dark when the boats swinging up and down and around and around. She's got a stomach as hard as a rock.

Q: Are there any places you want to go or see during the coming year? Where would you insist that we go again?
In the coming year, I insist we go to all the national parks that we can. The place that I want to visit again that we've already been would probably be … San Simeon. That was probably one of the most beautiful anchorages we've ever been in.

Q: Can you tell us one thing that makes boating families special?
Well, we are a lot more honest with each other because we have to be. We trust each other with certain things more than other families do and we can speak about what we think except for Dad and Jaime. Though, Dad has started to talk a little bit more.

Q: Would you like to shout out to any boat buddies or boat kids who might be following this blog?
It's going to be a list: Sunbreak, Bay Wolf, Windfall, Third Day, Sirius Star, Beach Access, Noey, HB... though maybe he would get less messed up if we called him Hbunny. Are Max and Kat following the blog? I think so...Max and Kat. Profligate, Victory Cat, and Totem. Excellent Adventure and Rubber Duckies. And Endless Summer. And Sea Level.

If folks wanted to send a care package, what would want in it?
Books. Lots of books. Things for my spy kit. I've already got a magnifying glass, so don't worry about that. I need a good set of binoculars, microphones I could plant somewhere... could be cheap but it would look cool, well I'm sure people are creative enough to think of stuff on their own. The problem with my spy packet is that lots of the stuff that I have is broken... like a broken phone. Most of the stuff a spy kit needs is imagined stuff. But at least it's there. So I don't really need working stuff. I would like a telescope... one of those pirate telescopes that you can just fold back in? Besides my spy kit, I like candy and I like mail. I like to know what's going on in your lives. And I like origami so if any one has new sheets of paper. And directions for origami. So far I have limited directions. I can't get them down here because they are in spanish.

Q: Anything else you'd like to add?
I'm not done listing people. All right: Gruncle T, my grandparents, Gruncle Dale, Polly. Hey everbody, I'm thinking to buy a small computer. This time it's for real. No regular Santa Wish. I'm going to buy a notebook computer. Mom is going to help me put all the applications on it this summer. I want email, an ebook reader... I want WoW but Mom says it won't fit or run or something... Mom is just going to take care of it.

Afternoon Breeze
Afternoon Breeze
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