Friday, September 05, 2008

Continuing the Theme

The Best Part
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A brief revisit of the Seattle to do list is actually fairly encouraging:

[X] Fix hole in boat
[X] Replace starboard alternator
[X] Make SSB work
[X] Get chips, guides, and charts
[X] Boat project materials
[X] Romano cheese
[X] School and library
[ in progress ] Resolve commercial loan issue
[ cluster ] Resolve Medicare outstanding bill fiasco
[X] Get kitten

We managed to visit with many of our friends, the girls went on several sleep overs as well as having more friends overnight on board. I took the Mac in and (thank you Mac Genius'!) will be picking up a completely clean, shiny, happy, updated, tuned, refurbished, repowered, and new keyboarded MacBook just after I pick up Jason.

I got a hair cut.

We had lunch at Taco Bell, Dick's, Kidd Valley, the Thai place, Uwajamaya and Costco. We had sourdough bread for dinner four times. We ate homemade pizza over and over again and enjoyed it EVERY SINGLE TIME. I met with three clients and closed the deal on two contracts which should plump the cruising kitty for the next month or two. We went to the bank, Fisheries Supply, Gallery Marine, and every hardware store in the state of Washington. We shopped at at Goodwill, carted about a half ton of crap from the boat to the house, started building the water maker, and bleached the yellow skirt off the hull.

I took a hot shower every day for 5 days in a row. I did not turn off the water between soaping and conditioning.

Did I mention I cut my hair? It dries in 3 minutes. My ears are not wet. I've forgotten what it felt like to have dry ears.

Friday is our last day in Seattle. In addition to picking up our crew, we have to finish cleaning the boat... *cough* Okay, we have to clean the boat. We haven't cleaned the boat. Yet. At all. It's a bit of a pig sty. We also need to provision the boat for the run to San Francisco.

The weather forecast looks fantastic.The Pacific high that normally sets up in June looks to have finally firmed setting Don Quixote up for a nice run south in NW10-20 the whole way. I'm afraid to jinx it by talking about it any more than that. We may be able to get the SSB working for email while we're out there, in which case I'll periodically Twitter our GPS. Everyone out there, please send your karmic positive thoughts to that Pacific high... it just needs to hold on for another week or so then Seattle can go back to it's irregularly scheduled nine month winter.


Anonymous said...

No! I can't go back to its regularly scheduled irregularity! We need another week from the 19th on - we will be following you out from Olympia on the 19th or 20th!
You of course should be in San Francisco and settled there by then :)

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