Monday, September 01, 2008


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Arrived in Seattle four days ago to refit the boat for our journey south. By salty standards, we are still pathetic sailors. However, we do know enough now to get into lots of trouble. We also know enough that our list of things to do in Seattle is roughly four hundred items long. Our social life since we arrived is also a bit ridiculous. I had no idea we knew so many people.

It isn't all going to get done before we head out again, so we had to prioritize:

[ ] Replace starboard alternator
[ ] Get SSB to tune in more than 3 channels
[ ] Get C-map chip, hard copy charts, and cruising guides for coastline from Neah Bay to Aculpulco
[ ] Purchase materials for projects such as dinghy wheels, water maker, wind scoops, boat shade, and dry bags
[ ] Store up provisions of favorite foods hard to get in Mexico
[ ] Swap out academic and recreational library for new content
[ ] Resolve commercial loan issue
[ ] Resolve Medicare outstanding bill fiasco
[ ] Get kitten

What have we managed to accomplished in those 5 days?

You've got it. Meet Dulcinea.


Anonymous said...

Gotta do the important things first! cute kitten

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to following you on the next leg of your journey (via the blog, not boat - though I wish we could)!

Anonymous said...

Beware the natural tendency to over-provision. There are plenty of super-mercados and Costcos in Mexico these days. You will likely find everything you need there, though sometimes branded differently. More likely is that you will come to shun these US-spawned food-stores and buy from the open-air markets. In most cruising grounds, entreprenurial locals will cater to cruisers by selling fresh produce/tortillas/tomales and such from the backs of pick-up trucks near where dinghies land. Additionally, you will find that even on a tight budget, you may eat out more than you imagine, at prices (at the right holes-in-the-wall) that make it an economic no-brainer!
Sorry to hear about the cyclist's death. We lived in Arcata for several years and know that stretch of road to Blue Lake very well. Such a tragedy.
Best wishes.

Kelly said...

I see the girls wore you down! I blame you for having "Dulcinea" from "Man of La Mancha" stuck in my head all day.