Sunday, August 24, 2008

Cooking Idea - Stormy Sunset

Pacific Northwest is Paradise
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Somewhere I read that cruising sailors like to have a signature “boat drink.” There is also a signature “boat potluck offering”, a signature “boat campfire offering,” and a signature “form of entertainment.” We’ll work on those others later. Right now, we’ve been concentrating on the signature drink.

Our good friends on s/v Reverie introduced us to the “Dark and Stormy” our first summer out. Rum, ginger ale, and fresh squeezed lime on ice combine to create a really tasty and refreshing cocktail which works well on a sunny evening anchorage. Dr C, however, felt: (1) it would be déclassé to crib someone else’s signature drink; and (2) Don Quixote deserved a more fruity, elaborate offering to suit her quixotic nature. So, he started experimenting with fruit nectars, coconut milk, and god only knows what else.

Ironically, after many thick, sweet, and increasingly demented variations on your basic piña colada, we circled around almost back to where we started. As an acknowledgment of our inspiration, I dubbed this a Stormy Sunset.

Stormy Sunset
4 oz apricot nectar
4 oz ginger ale
1 oz fresh lime juice (or a drizzle of the bottled stuff)
2 oz rum

Serve in a big tumbler on ice in the cockpit when the sun is still warm but just touching the tops of the trees. Best served when you’ve got friends aboard. Note, you can make this with any “orange” juice or nectar. Variations we’ve tried include mango, orange, and passion fruit. We like it best with the apricot, though.


Doug said...

Hmmm, looks like a rip off of this one.

Such a disappointment.

Toast said...

Ooo... not a ripoff. That's such a strong and nasty word. Heh. There are so many drink masters out there, I'm not sure it's possible for a novice like us to come up with something truly new. Though I must say, that one sounds good but much sweeter and pineappley then ours. I think we'll try it!

Doug said...

I just read the rest of your recent blog. May I say you have a wonderful drink there, perhaps the best I've ever seen, and the incredible talent to make it perfectly....Ohhh how I wish I could take the above statement back. You wouldn't go Kaczynski on someone who just made a little joke?

I do hope you guys have many warm and nice days ahead!

floatingforever said...

If ever a family had an excuse to tip over and start shooting... *laughs* However, we're back in the land of cheap wine and rum. So you're safe, schoonerdog.

Cap'n Franko said...

Hmmmnnn, I think the "signature drink" for the Zombie Princess was -

ZP Drink:
something alcoholic
something nonalcoholic (optional)
Tanna leaves (3 for life, 9 for movement) [from Karloff's "The Mummy"] (optional)

Than's a drink, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

See? It's the posts with recipes that draw the most comments... :-)

Anonymous said...

I suppose at this point, it would be appropriate for me to contribute my only drink recipes:

The NASA Screwdriver:
a finger or two of cheap-ass, nasty vodka (CANV)
TANG made as per package instructions; use to dilute CANV to taste

a finger or two CANV
TANG powder, stirred directly into the CANV

These date back to my freshman year in college, which probably explains a lot about a.) the recipes and b.) my freshman year in college.