Thursday, July 17, 2008


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I am posting this because Behan told me to. I was actually going to save this picture to appropriately accompany some pithy commentary on jumping off the map. Never mind.

Note to sail boat owners: There are three essential photos you must have of your boat:

1) Everyone jumping off of it -- preferably kids but the whole family is good if you can get it;

2) Looking down from the mast;

3) Under sail;

All pose photographic challenges, but you are not a real sail boat owner till you have all three in hand. There is a certain type of sailor who feels that the "sexy hot babe with big tits and a cocktail" shot is also obligatory. I'm not one of them.

At least until I lose another 15 pounds.


Behan said...

Great picture!

Re: that other type of sailor...isn't that a powerboater?

Oh wait. I forgot...the Lats & Atts covers. Well, you can always submit for one. :-)

Anonymous said...

Lets see - We have the boat under sail (even have video of our first family bar crossing)- that's #1. Then the family jumping off the wait, I can't.... nope.... don't have that one yet.
Ok, the boat from the top of the mast .... uh,oh.... I KNOW I don't have that one yet. Hmmm, well, some day we'll be real boat owners :)

Cap'n Franko said...

Howzabout a picture of your boat still floating after Katrina, while surrounded by sunken and grounded boats, huh?

From the top of the mast is my favorite shot. I even get one of those when chartering.

My planned Florida to New Orleans delivery in early July has slid to early August. I'll be leaving next Sunday (the 27) to take Bob's new cat from Jacksonville to New Orleans. Sure hope my hurricane luck has changed since 2005.

See ya!