Wednesday, July 23, 2008

TechTip - Animated Photo Sets

This is not fancy, but I've been listening to too much TWiT. While I have unlimited Internet access, I can't help but play with some of the picks from MacBreak and net@nite. Today, I was messing around with Animoto. This is a quick way to make a professional video presentation out of a bunch of slides. The 30 second version is, IMHO, too short. Go for the longer format after you've had a chance to use it once or twice.


* Set up a separate flickr set before you log in to Animoto.

* Alternatively, use photos directly from your computer. You'll get higher resolution and a better final product.

* Get your own music. They have a lot of good stuff but I took forever picking one out and I still don't like it.

* Prepare to be sucked in like a vacuum for a few hours.

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