Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Firebox ToastMaster

The Firebox ToastMaster
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Recently, I've been exchanging a few messages to Leo Laporte and Dick DeBartolo. I admire them both and very much enjoy their many contributions to tech culture and news, and I recommended their podcast to all my fellow travelers as a good source of entertainment and the occasionally useful bit of gadgetry. Moreover, the best thing about Internet celebrities is that they answer their mail like real people.

So a few weeks ago, as they were chatting about toasters which would toast bread with designs, they asked their audience if any one knew of such a thing. While I don't have anything like that, I was given a toaster which also serves as a network router, firewall, and wifi hotspot. It was a going away gift from my colleagues at WatchGuard Technologies.

In DGW 557, Dick and Leo chat about it and Leo mentions some pictures I'd sent him. I wish I could take credit for this thing, but there is no question the Firebox ToastMaster was the by-product of some very clever engineering brains. I love geeks. I always felt this toaster said that geeks loved me. BION, I actually teared up when they gave it to me.

So thank you to Steve and Lucas and all their helpers for the creativity and the sheer orthogonal thinking that produced one of the greatest gifts I've ever received. And thanks Leo for letting me publicly show off their special, strange genius.

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