Monday, September 24, 2012

Juicy News

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Jaime wants to reboot. Actually, I think she just desperately wants to look amazing for The Ball in two weeks. I can't see how eating nothing but pulverized produce for a week is going to help attain that objective, but I m not 16. At 16 literally anything is possible. The real question isn't why Jaime is juicing, but why DrC and I plan to join her.

I confess that we come late to this fashionable new trend. As soon as I started researching the subject, it became clear that as far as health fads go, we are probably the last people in the world to the table. Maybe this was super hot while we were on Mexico or in the middle of the Pacific with no bandwidth. Regardless, we are complete novices to the notion of the Juice Reboot. Babes in the vegan woods.

Of course, normally we don't do stuff like this. DrC is both a qualified doctor of Western style medicine and a skeptic... Some would say a cynic,actually. We dont go much for hokkum, snake oil, or homeopathy. We are more the ibuprofen, fish oil, and water types. We never went Atkins and my South Beach phase never made it past the third day. DrC's first considered medical action regarding my health nearly 25 years ago was to force-feed me beef to address my anemia. And when I say force fed, I mean it, complete with two inch thick fillets, crumbled bleu, Ceasar salad with fresh garlic croutons, and a really fine Cabernet. He is a truly horrible beast.

So why a more than a little bit trendy fad diet? Maybe just because.

Because we want to eat less meat for health, environmental, and economic reasons.
Because we need to cut down on the caffeine and wine.
Because we have been eating way too much bread and processed food during the last year.
Because Jaime wants to and we are just that awesome at parenting.

Or maybe because DrC had trouble buttoning his top jeans button this weekend for the first time in his entire life.

So this week we embark on a 5 day Reboot. Actually, this week we prep. We need to scope our local, fresh produce, get a decent juicer, make meal plans, go shopping. We pinky promised to start reducing the processed, the white, and the booze. Jaime is pulling down recipes, DrC nutritional info, and me the meal plan recommendations.

The official juice-only days start Monday. I think I will blog it end to end. Reboots have been blogged a million times by people all over the world, so I will add precisely nothing to the conversation. There is, however, something delightfully naughty about allowing myself for the first time to consider blogging what I had for lunch. The slow slide into rut-dom over the last year has been depressing emotionally and creatively. Maybe a steady diet of nasty tasting smoothies will inspire me.

It's also possible it will just make me gassy.


Behan said...

I love that you are doing this *together*, all 3 of you! And I love your priorities.

I've not done a juice thing but imagine fruit fasts are similar... I have done a 3-day version a few times that is a fantastic reboot. The hard part is purely the mental "omg I'm only consuming X" part. Never actually hungry and definitely not deprived.

So, you go with your awesome parenting self! Now, what did you have for breakfast today? ;-)

Toast said...

As usual my posts are about a week let (I let them gel before releasing). In this case, we started the actual juicing yesterday.

So this morning I made my "day juice" which I split in half. Juice in the morning and then I throw it in the blender at work and add ice and more fruit. Today's juice has celery, carrot, Australian green beans, mandarin oranges, and a red capsicum. Lunch adds a banana and a bunch of frozen blueberries.

I'm not hungry. I have a fierce headache here at day 2... probably the lack of caffiene more than anything else. The smell of leftovers being reheated by my coworkers is killing me. Absolutely KILLING me.

judith said...

I've been juicing now for about 2 years. Watch your fruits, all that sweetness will hold fat in your system just like a spoonful of sugar. If you really want to lose you have to go heavy on the veg juice. My brother and sister credit juicing and heavy infusions of Vita-C to the cure of their cancers in record time. And yes it will make you gassy until all the nasty crap gets out of your system. Good luck with your experience. Fresh fruit juices make great mixers for rum drinks!

Unknown said...

You lost me at "reduce caffeine and wine" ;-) Seriously, looking forward to the blog posts - good luck.

dale roberts said...

Welcome back, Toast. Was beginning to think you had gone all 9-to-5 style living again. Kinda thought you might be getting bogged down in that daily lifestyle to the point you were losing your creativity. Your last comment about just that would indicate I wasn't far off. Looking forward to your posts.

Aaand, good luck with that juicing thing. Sounds like one of those purge things that one of my kids went through a while back.

Kathryn Sieck said...

Toast - you said " I will add precisely nothing to the conversation." Not true. You will add a great deal of well written humor and wit. You may also make me feel guilty.

Kyle said...

[insert random Rob Schneider "You can do it!"]

More Joy Everywhere said...

So?! How'd it go? Looking forward to the update.

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