Sunday, November 06, 2011

Yes, We Really Are Married

Banana Grin by toastfloats
Banana Grin, a photo by toastfloats on Flickr.

Strange as it may seems, New Zealand does not accept a marriage certificate as proof of partnership. Instead, we must prove our relationship in other, sometimes odd and convoluted ways. One of the requests is for:

"Letters of support from family, friends, employers, or others who can confirm your relationship. The writer should include name and contact number."

They also want:

"Photos of you together, especially with other family/friends or at significant events."

I thought this might actually be kind of fun. If you want to play, please send me a Facebook message, blog link, email or even *gasp* hard copy with your letter of support. By all means, include photos. The more detail you provide about the "genuine, stable and ongoing relationship" between DrC and myself the more potentially entertaining and useful your contribution. If you want to share your support with more than just NZ Immigration, go ahead and put it somewhere public but please send me your contact information for the authorities.

Thanks everyone!

Hardcopy should go to:
s/v Don Quixote
Bayswater Marina
Bayswater, Auckland, NZ 0622


Behan said...

this is when it would help if I tagged photo files with any kind of rigor... "someday"! will look for images by date later. I have this one at least, but it's KIDS not YOU TWO!

Anonymous said...

Get them to read your blog for goodness sake! I know more about your life than I should... Congrats on the crossing you and your family have got huge cojones!

ap said...

Proper "couple" photos? Right profile pic without beard? Sounds like a job for Photoshop to me! :)

Your blog is so fantastic! (I have linked to it in our cruising blog - I'll be happy if ours is ever even half as interesting, informative, and fun as this one!

Anonymous said...

It's not clear why you need to prove you're married at all. Is this for a work visa?

Toast said...

Residency visa. You have to do it for a work visa as well when you come in as a partner, but it isn't necessary to be quite so thorough.