Sunday, May 01, 2011

Are We There Yet

Distance: 103/1737 Day: 15

Don Quixote has taken over net control responsibilities for the Pacific Puddle Jump Net. This will come as no surprise to those who have cruised with us in the past. We're a bit chatty on radio. What might come as a surprise is that it was DrC who has been doing much of the work, and DrC was the one who stepped up and volunteered to take net control. Yeah. We were shocked too. Due to watch schedules, he usually manages the abbreviated morning net, while I take the evening roll call.

The Puddle Jump Net is reassuring on a number of fronts. First, it gives structure to the day and provides a welcome relief from boredom. Second, it is nice to talk to other boats that are out here. We are so very very alone in this big blue space. Hearing voices, knowing there are others experiencing the same exhaustion and effort, it reduces that sense of being overwhelmed. There is also the practical aspect of the net in that we are able to share positions, weather conditions, and weather information. We track each other and there is an option for participants whereby if they miss two roll calls in a row, net control will contact international maritime authorities with a Health and Welfare. Finally, it's super nice knowing we're not the last boat out here. For awhile, it felt like we were 'riding sweep' on the fleet. However, in the past week, we've picked up another five boats who are north and east of us.

Tomorrow, we will winds willing cross the equator. I know it's just a line on a map, but it feels significant. Even though there will be another full week before we make landfall, it feels like crossing the 0 line means you are on the last leg of a long journey.

PPJ Note #9: PRETTY PANTIES. Unless you are a very straight-laced and conservative crew or traveling with strangers, it takes only a few days before the entire boat is stripped down to nothing but panties and bras 24/7. It's hot. It's humid. It's sticky. And there isn't much extra water to wash with. It seems rather pointless to put on clothes. Therefore, it is imperative that you leave port with a somewhat excessive load of clean, attractive underwear. No smears, no spots, dark colors, and perky bras that don't make your boobs like a million years old.

~ Toast
00 49.57N 128 18.81W
April 30, 12:30 UTC


j-slice said...

You've mentioned this in previous posts but I have since forgotten...what range are your radios? Could there be more than five boats out there with you that are beyond your range? Is there just one Pacific Puddle Jump Net or are there enough to cover small groups of boats, if there are such groups?

Thanks for all of the posts!!

judith said...

Good to know...