Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Editor's Note: The Toast Floats Plan

The long trip to the States is over, but my back has yet to recover. Part of my time was spent with folks who had tremendously good suggestions on where to go with Toast Floats over the next year or two. Part of it was spent finding Real Work (tm) which might distract me from implementing all those suggestions. However, the support from readers, friends and family was strong, steady and encouraging. I'd like to go back to the more optimistic, positive mood that characterized the first two years as well as completely revamp the look, combining the web site with the blog. Work work work.

So for the next few weeks, the content may be thin as I concentrate on look and feel. Fortunately, I have friends all over the world who are writing some truly fantastic content. My plan is to introduce you to these people and their adventures (a rather lazy way of saying I'm not going to write my own new stuff) then get back under full sail with my own writing mid-winter (that's July to you Northerners). Let me know if you have any suggestions as I'm open to all ideas at this point.

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