Saturday, August 08, 2009

What I Did At School Today

[Editor's Note: Written while we were still in Rosalia.]

Sand Studies
Sand Studies
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I didn't know that the cold could make you sleepy. Well, okay... we've all read the books or seen the movies where extreme cold makes people fall asleep. But this isn't extreme. I'm in the single air conditioned room accessible to the crew of Don Quixote at the Singlar Marina in Santa Rosalia. It's only 22C in here which is actually rather warm when you get right to it.

The girls and I worked hard all morning cleaning and purging and organizing, then moved to the Cool Room for a few hours of school. Whereupon, the three of us promptly fell asleep.

Not literally. We keep nudging one another to preserve a semblance of awareness. But there is something about finally escaping the unrelenting heat and humidity for even a few minutes that shuts the body down. Cold. We spent 20 consecutive hours growing weaker, more dehydrated, and more tired, then when we moved into this ice box, our bodies seem to have taken it as permission to finally relax and fall asleep.

I want the kids to complete some schoolwork. I want to correct that schoolwork. I want to write you a nice article about everything we are doing. I have ambitions to get the pictures on the hard drive organized, start learning how to record podcasts, update the map, pull down some Geocache sites.

*yawn* Um... update iGTD. Uh... *blink* write a letter to DrC and Jaime... … um... zzz .zzzzzzzz z

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