Wednesday, July 22, 2009

For Those Playing Along

Okay, we're leaving Santa Rosalia now. For those who want to either stalk the Congers or invite us over for dinner – and assuming those are not one and the same – you can follow our land travels in a number of ways:

Twitter – Whenever we are able to connect to the Internet, I will tweet our location. At least for the first week, I will not have access to a cell phone so the updates are likely to be sporadic. Once reconnected with DrC and Jaime, however, we should be able to tweet our location regularly via their cell phones. I'll set it so that @toastfloats tweets go directly to DrC's phone.

S.P.O.T. – I'm going to take the S.P.O.T. with me for safety reasons. I'll try to keep tracking turned on when we're moving or at least remember to mark where we stop.

The plan is for Mera, Aeron and I to spend about a week driving from Santa Rosalia to a wedding just north of Sante Fe, New Mexico. We're taking our time to give Dulcinea a chance to adapt as well as to take it easy on my back. I don't really want to drive more than a few hours per day. We'll be crossing the border in Tecate so San Diego folks will have to wait. We plan to by-pass Phoenix as well unless someone can give me a really compelling reason to go that way.

After the wedding, we pick up Grandma Sue and start hopping all over the southwest. We'd like to visit the Grand Canyon, Bryce, Zion, Navajo National Monument, Yosemite, and Mammoth before heading up to Sacramento. We'll also visit college towns about the size of Chico and Humboldt State so if folks know of nice college towns on our basic route, please send me the information. “College Town Life” might be phase 15 of the long term Dean and Toast Life Trajectory.

I'm a little fuzzy what happens after that. I'll let you know. Planning that far ahead gives me a headache. We do eventually have to make our way back to Mexico which will no doubt involving swinging through San Francisco, Long Beach, Los Angeles and San Diego sometime in September. Again, we're always looking for places to mooch a back yard for our tent and a flush toilet. If you're volunteering, please let me know.
Painted Backdrop
Painted Backdrop
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Melynda said...

I'm kind of a cyber-stalker, been reading your blog since before you left Seattle...but I'm pretty harmless.

Doesn't sound like we are on your route, but if you end up in the Yellowstone area we are 50 miles north and would welcome you to our home!

Also, I went to Humboldt (many years ago) and LOVED it. My brother went to Chico, which he really liked. HSU sure is in a beautiful place and has great natural science programs (I'm sure their other programs are great, too).

Happy travels.

Andrew said...

Ya got a place to stay in Minneapolis if you are crazy enough to come this far North. Forget the yard. You can have two private rooms.


The Crew of Savannah said...

Another harmless cyber-stalker here.... we bought a catamaran up in Bainbridge Island in January and my husband just sailed it down here to San Diego last week. We're leaving next year with our son for our cruising adventure when my husband retires from the military. If you're in the area, you're always welcome to use our back yard and we have two flushing toilets :) We may even invite you inside for a meal or two. At least until November/December timeframe when we're thinking of moving onto our boat.

Send me an email if you're interested. I think it shows up here.

Have fun on your trip!

Seven C's said...

Hi Toast,

Since you will be in Sacto, have you thought about Davis (U.C. Davis)? Not too far from Sac from what I remember. If you get up to Oregon, you have a place here. Our kids would love to get together with yours.

T and Family