Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Pick Your Pleasure

Sunrise in La Paz
Sunrise in La Paz
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“I think I like it here,” says DrC one evening over pina coladas. We're looking out over the Las Hadas anchorage, watching the white walls turn pink and purple in the setting sun.

I blink, “Really? What brought on this effusive display, husband mine?”

He looks around, sips thoughtfully at his drink, “The pineapple juice really improves it.”

I am reasonably certain he's changed the topic, but with DrC you never can tell. It is within the realm of possibility that his entire interpretation of his experience of Manzanillo Bay is filtered the golden tinted goggles of pina colada fog. I wait a beat, just in case, because the best possible course of action with my husband is to let him think for awhile.

My patience is rewarded with a casual wave of his tumbler at the anchorage, the bay, and the lights on the horizon, “I could live here.” Not the drink, then. “Not too big or busy, hardware stores, spread out, not as polluted.”

Our criteria for favorite place in Mexico varies with each member of the crew. DrC focuses on convenience and accessibility of hardware stores, bait and tackle shops, and large grocery outlets. He likes where the cabbies are indulgent with his many stops, and the local cruiser network is full of pithy advise on how to fix boat gear.

Jaime, on the other hand, focuses exclusively on friends. Hanging out with friends. La Paz, for example, is heaven because she spent the entire time with her friend Isobel. She's driving hard to get us back to Mazatlan solely to meet up with 4-P.A.C.K. and her good friend Casey. Mazatlan? For gods sake child, are you insane? Mazatlan of the stinky sewage anchorage, the smoky horizon and the daily visits by cruise ships?

Aeron selects destinations solely for their swimmability. Pool swimming is good, ocean swimming is great. Any swimming is critical. My little fish. Her partner in all things creative and playful, Mera, also seeks clean water – preferably fresh. However, of all of us Mera is most interested in the remote anchorage. She likes the water calm, the air and water clear, the evenings quiet and peaceful.

I would like to say that I care about the mercadas, clean water for swimming, and the company of fellow cruisers. But when I ask my family what they think is important to me, they tell me that the only really critical feature necessary for my sanity and happiness is a good Internet connection to the boat. I thought I'd broken that umbilical cord. I can stop any time I want to! Really! And they say, “Um... not so much Mom.” DrC just shakes his head.

Zihua Bay
Zihua Bay
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It is hard to find a place where all of us are happy. Las Hadas has the pool, market, hardware stores, and cruisers, but there are no kid boats here for Jaime. Zihua's water was frequently disgusting, and we rarely got to swim in fresh; There were boat kids, but we didn't have quiet. In Santiago, it's quiet and clean and full of friendly cruisers, but the hardware stores are miles away. Tenacatita? No stores at all. Chamela? No Internet. Ipala? Oh please... just do not even bother dropping hook. La Cruz? Too rolly. Nuevo Vallarta? Too expensive. Mazatlan? You either die of the smell or you live in a boat parking lot. La Paz? Well...

Now La Paz might just do the trick. If we could find a swimming pool...


Cap'n Franko said...

Ronnie enjoyed Las Hadas. The nice thing about cruising is that you can change destination to suit your whims/needs! Have fun!!

Anonymous said...

(Raising Hand) I vote you head up the Canal and check out San Blas etc. at the end of hurricane season. And I am with you on the net issues. We need an intervention!

Shangrilewis said...

I honestly don't see how you will be able to stand Seattle at all.

Cap'n Franko said...

Relative to Jody's comment, Ronnie LOVED the San Blas islands and I definitely prefer the Caribbean side to the Pacific side. YMMV.

maeronzackery said...

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