Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Friendship Meme for 2009

Here We Go!
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We all get these over the ‘tubes... and as a rule, I ignore them. On the other hand, 2008 was a banner year for folks starting to read Toast Floats for the first time. In fact, it was the year in which the number of readers related to me was far surpassed by the readers who simply stumbled over this blog. So maybe a Friendship Meme actually offers an opportunity to those folks to get to know something about me rather than an insipid recreation of middle school slam books. Or maybe I just can’t think of anything else to write about this week.

What time did you get up this morning?
Sunrise. Does anyone know what time that is in Zihua this time of year?

Diamonds or pearls?

What was the last film you saw at the cinema?
I have absolutely no idea. The damn thing was in Spanish, animated, it had a dog, there wasn’t any popcorn, and the Coke was divine. I love Mexican Coke. Americans need to dump corn syrup in favor of whatever they are using down here if our country is ever to get back on track.

What is your favorite TV show?
We have all seven seasons of Angel, two seasons of Farscape, and three seasons of Battlestar Galatica. I’d trade them all at this point for Eureka and the rest of Farscape. It’s all about the trade, baby.

What do you usually have for breakfast?
Pan dulce and a cafe au lait. Thanks to s/v Beach Access, though, we’re beginning to reclaim the concept of fruit smoothie for the morning meal. Probably healthier. The fruit down here is just amazing.

What is your middle name?
Toast. *laughs* No shit. There have got to be at least a dozen readers blinking in amazement. What? Did you think I just pulled “Toast” out of a hat? Okay, I did... but I also had it changed to my legal middle name when I married DrC.

What foods do you dislike?
I -want- to dislike packaged foods, but I have an unfortunate love of cookies and sugar corn pops. I’ve discovered I have a strong aversion to innards, and the more times I see them spread out at the mercado, the firmer I am of the opinion that guts are nasty and should not be eaten. Nor should pig heads or chicken feet... although Behan really wants to convince me otherwise on the feet, “Tastes just like chicken!”

What is your favorite CD at the moment?
No CDs. We ripped everything to iTunes before we cut the lines and left the disks in an enormous box in my mother’s garage. I’m really fond of a mix my father in law made of every piece of popular music he could find with the words “sail” or “sailing” in the lyrics. I’m also painfully addicted to listening to the score for High School Musical while doing chores.

What kind of car do you drive?
Avon 10’ dinghy with a Mercury outboard. I think we’ll go back to the 9.9 Yamaha, though, as soon as we can move the planing fins and get the 15HP upgrade.

Favorite sandwich?

What characteristic do you despise?
Isms. All of them. Indiscriminately.

Favorite item of clothing?
Clean panties.

If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation, where would you go?
Some place featuring a king sized bed with box springs and dry sheets.

Where would you retire?
Any place cleaner than my boat.

Favorite sport to watch?
Kitty Climb the Main Sail

When is your birthday?
September -- I’m a Virgo. 

Are you a morning person or a night person?
What is your shoe size?
My Crocs say that I’m a Mens 6. That’s weird.

Do children count?

Any new and exciting news you'd like to share with us?
DrC has been in Seattle for nearly two weeks, and I have neither sunk the boat nor drowned my children. I’m feeling pretty smug about that.

What did you want to be when you were little?
I wanted to build an electric car.

What is your favorite candy?
Whatever is on the boat at the moment I have a craving for sweets.

What is your favorite flower?

What is a day on the calendar you are looking forward to? 
I deleted the calendar. I even emptied the Trash just to make sure it was gone. It’s a little frustrating, but it turns out that you can’t delete the Date & Time function on a Mac so Apple Bruce tells me what time it is every hour. Tomorrow is a good day. I’ll figure out how to shut up Bruce tomorrow.

What is your favorite pastime?
Wasting time on the Internet.

What are you listening to right now?
Skidoos. I hate those things. I need a weapon that I could mount on the bow that would neatly take them out when they get too close. The only thing worse than skidoos are those idiot parasailors who keep trying to hit the mast.

What was the last thing you ate?
Bollo and manchega with sliced cucumbers and papaya.

Do you wish on stars?

If you were a crayon, what color would you be?
Okay, that’s just a stupid question. As an aside, did you know they now have Crayons of the color “Macaroni and cheese”? Do you ever wonder how much Kraft had to pay Crayola to make that happen?

How is the weather right now?
Tropical paradise if you like that sort of thing.

The first person you spoke to on the phone today?
No phone. Girls did the morning cruisers’ net, so it was probably a fellow boat.

Favorite soft drink?
Fresca Toranja. I could live on it. You might know it as just Fresca.

Favorite restaurant? 
We always walk up into town far enough to leave behind 95% of the fat, white tourists from up North. The prices drop and the quality improves. Then we search out a restaurant stuffed to the gills with locals.

Real hair color?
Black and grey wires are starting to insert themselves into my mousy brown bristle brush while at the same time, the sun is bleaching the hell out of the lot of it. It’s just a disaster.

What was your favorite toy as a child? 

Summer or winter? 

Hugs or kisses?

Chocolate or Vanilla?
Blackberries. Okay, there is definitely a theme here, I realize. These memes assume you are essentially normal. What do you bet the next question is “Coffee or tea?” “Paper or plastic?” or “Skis or snowboard?”

Coffee or tea?

When was the last time you cried?
The kids brought me to tears a few days ago from sheer, unadulterated frustration. I haven’t had a really good all and out bawl however in quite awhile. It might have been when Greg died, and I was reminded that we’re not immortal.

What is under your bed? 
Two giganormous D-Cell batteries, a 26 HP Yanmar engine and 20 gallons of highly explosive fuel... Booo yah! There aren’t many women who can say that.

What did you do last night?
Made grilled cheese and smoothies for the girls and Beach Access. Went skinny dipping after everyone went to bed and watched my body light up the water as I moved around the boat.

What are you afraid of?
Something happening to DrC when the girls and are not there to help him.

Salty or sweet?

How many keys on your key ring?
It’s more like a float. Let’s see... dinghy lock, starter engine x 2, door padlock. Five? That sounds about right. Any more and the thing would sink.

How many towns have you lived in?
Counting Zihua? A lot.

How many years at your current job?


Behan said...

Chicken feet are awesome. I just need to find a recipe, I've never made them myself (and they're just in piles here! fantastic!). Anybody got one?

Oh, that other stuff you were wondering about in Mexican coke? It's SUGAR! In fact almost anything with HFCF in the US is made with sugar here instead. I believe that would be US protectionism at "work". Don't get me started.

Anonymous said...

Stanks Toast,
I do remember your middle name but I'll keep it to myself for now ;), just cause I love you.


Cecelia Angell said...

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