Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas with the Congers

For our last land-based holiday season for who knows how long, we drove all our worldly goods down to my parents in California. My dad lives with my step mom in a lovely, updated cabin at the base of Squaw Valley Ski Resort. Their idea of retirement strikes me as a little slice of heaven: he works security in the winter and as a golf host during the summer while she caters and works at a lodge restaurant. They work as many hours as makes them happy, don't work when they don't feel like it, and get to know everyone in their community as the well established, well-liked locals they truly are.

So for my first video entry on this blog, a small, unedited bit of my boat girls on the ski slopes. I freely admit this is a test -- just a test -- of the emergency video blogging system. In the event of a real vlog, I'll do a considerably better job of making it interesting to more than the children's grandparents.

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