Friday, July 20, 2007

Lightly Toasted Tech Tips

This week sees the introduction of a new kind of Toast Floats article, the Tech Tip from Toast. Most of my articles are purely for fun and meant to tickle the funny bone. Some are philosophical, musings on the applied application of the phrase "mid-life crisis," while a few attempt to provide tips on something I know almost nothing about -- boat maintenance.

This series, however, is about something I live, love and breathe: Technology. Specifically, I plan to publish articles about software, gadgets, and web services that I think would be useful to boating families. Most boating families just do not have the time or interest to do the research to find the cool gadget. Yeah, they read the marine magazines, but those are written by sailors. And frankly, I don't know many sailors who can spell Flickr, let alone knowledgeably contrast the merits of Twitter versus Jaiku.

I'll publish this every two weeks or when something really cool drops into my lap, whichever comes first. All articles in the series will have a 'techtip' tag so you can filter them out if you have no interest.

Your comments, ideas, and suggestions for this series are most welcome. If you're reading this, you're already 99% more savvy than the ultimate target audience. I readily admit that the real point is to get this series going so I can pitch it to a sailing magazine somewhere. So help me find the cool gadgets, gizmos, web sites, and software for the average boating, homeschooling family.

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Anonymous said...

We just got an iphone (admittedly we are US based and I can't say just how this would work for off shore or out of the country) but last weekend while sailing the coast of Maine we looked ahead and saw some ugly cloud coverage. Instead of wondering if we would or could miss it my husband popped up the local weather report, posted on a local news channels website and saw it was worse that what it looked like from where we were. Gusts were to 60 mph with significant lightning activity, as a result we opted to change course, grab a mooring and were able to sit secure, dry and safe when the storm pushed through just a few minutes later. Worked for us.